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But with good taste in wine at least… While attending the Melbourne Good Food & Wine exhibition, we got talked into a Wine Selectors sampling.  After all, who wouldn’t love 12 wines from different regions and states of Australia delivered to your doorstep every 3 months for the low price of $140?  Not me, loved it and signed up.

The last chapter in a series of posts about our adventures with Leah and Jordan.

As you may recall, in an adventure filled week we (1) drove to Phillip Island, down Mornington Peninsula and out to the Great Ocean Road, (2) flew in and out of Sydney, and (3) sampled amazingly tasty and upscale cocktails at the famous Der Raum.  And after our night of cocktailing, it was time to sample some of Australia’s amazing wines in the famous Yarra Valley wine country.

After all, on a sunny Melbourne Saturday, what could be better than an all-day tasting feast? We sampled reds and whites from 5 different wineries, including the Chandon Estate, and learned heaps about tasting and making wine.  Check out the full story of our Yarra Valley wine adventures on the out and about page.

Saturday, Steve & I joined Kelly and Adam at the Good Food & Wine Show  at Melbourne’s Exhibition Center.  What could be better than thousands of people, free wine and beer tastings and oodles of food vendors?  Oh and, a dozen people commenting on your “unique accent”….  The trend continues: I’ve been called a Canadian 5 times this weekend!

One guy actually said, “I’m going to follow you guys around the tastings because you’re soo funny to listen to!”  Steve pointed out that he was the one with a funny accent (which he didn’t take all that kindly to).

One lucky lady did get it right though.

<<“Where are you guys from?”>>

(I like to play the game, so I replied, where do you think?”)

<<“Well America for sure, but I just can’t tell where…”>>

Be still my heart, and my wallet.  That just earned you a two-bottle sale, oh kind wine lady….