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Friday Night Football….!!!!  Footy that is. 

For a real taste of Melbourne, we had pie face and headed to the G for the Collingwood/Geelong game.  Terrific seats, terrific frenzied running and kicking in the name of sport.

(trippy picture of the field)

And now, off to the road…. 5 days in a campervan up the Great Ocean Road. Hold onto your hats folks.

Today’s the Grand Final — St. Kilda vs. Collingwood.  Thousands of people have flocked to Melbourne for the finals.  We watched the grand parade from our corner conference room, and the office manager arranged for pies and dogs for lunch and a quasi-footy competition (punting the footy at a bulls-eye for points).  Footy fever is palpable…

We’re off to a grassy knoll outside Luna Park  in St. Kilda for a big-screen viewing of the game (intent on avoiding the madness of downtown and wanting to be in the thick of the locals, should St. Kilda pull out a win). It’s warm and sunny, and should be a lovely afternoon of footy watching. 

Go Saints!

NB: It was a draw.  Seriously, a tie.  Good for the guy in front of us, who was leaping for joy in the last 2 minutes because he’d put $100 on  50:1 odds of a draw.  Very much a disappointment for the 300 Saints fans sitting with us in as St. Kilda and countless other thousands all over the city.  See here, unlike American sports that seek to satisfy the instant gratification needs of the fans, there is no overtime, sudden death or penalty kicks.  They just do it all over again next weekend (and hope their players recover in the interim 6 days from the grueling battle they’ve just fought).

Stay tuned…