We are Claire and Steve, a corporate lawyer, masterchef, beader and  jewlery-maker extraordinaire, yogi and mountain climber, and an accountant / global fund manager, famous late-night spinner, nature photographer, cyclist and pro-golfer, respectively, and world-class travelers, collectively.

Native Washingtonians (D.C., that is) for the last five years, we’ve been sent to Australia to join the Melbourne office of Claire’s law firm.  (OK, ok, so we begged for the chance and jumped at the opportunity…)

Together with our two pets–Bentley, the stately yet cuddly dachshund, and Smokey, a prissy, Himalayan-look-alike (who is in reality a barn cat Claire rescued from a tupperware container on an old lady’s porch in Fuquay-Varina, NC)–we intend to experience all that Melbourne (and the rest of Australia) have to offer.  At least, for the next two years.

That’s the story of us, in the short.  For the longer version, you’ll just have to tune in!

(Legal disclaimer:  Any assertions as to level of skill or physical abilities may be inaccurate and, in fact, complete hyperbole.  But hey, its our blog!)