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As you may be able to tell, my hands have been at work.  Winter is always a time when I hunker down and get my bead on.  Plus it’s a good way to temper my urges to cook nonstop.

So here’s my latest creation — nothing particularly creative but a simple design of chic spotted egg chips mixed with timeless black.

After a Friday night of debauchery with the gals in Melbourne, we ended up at Senoritas — my new favorite restaurant in the CBD and the second restaurant in Melbourne to actually have decent Mexican food.  The decor is Day of the Dead; the food a pleasing array of small dishes (tacos and dips) and standard mains (like a perfectly spicy and sweet rich chicken mole).

When the bill came, it was adorned by this cute little skull pin, which having had multiple rounds of margaritas, we promptly ooohed and aaawwwed over. So our server gave us each one – turns out they are little costume rings that they flatten and slide onto your receipt.

We spent the rest of the night (yes, we continued to drink…) rolling around the CBD and raising our rings shouting “sister skull power!!”  Strangely, no magic powers emanated from the rings, but we had a good time showing them off nonetheless.

To commemorate the event, and take a little piece of Friday nights out with the girls in Melbourne home with me, I came up with this colorful design.

¿ que bonita, no?

It’s been a hot minute since I posted some Melbourne street art.  I took these shots of Hosier Lane when dad & donna were visiting in March.  Since then, construction at the nearby high rise has littered the laneway with scaffolding, obscuring the art.  So as a refresher, I thought I’d post some shots.


(sad elephants)

These installations aren’t just tags; there was a definite focus on multimedia.


(senorita roja)

1. a chilitastic duo of hot and spicy is always perfect on a cold rainy day;

2. I never make it the same way twice, but somehow it always tastes DElicious;

3. with a slow cooker, it couldn’t be simpler for a lazy Sunday afternoon. just throw it all in the pot and wait for the flavors to melt together;

4. I never pass on a dish that includes lot of fresh jalapenos;

5. it’s a great way to use up bits and pieces from the fridge (this concoction was made with a base of tomato puree, italian tomato sauce, some salsa and half a squeeze bottle of pizza sauce. I basically emptied out cans from the pantry and bottles from the fridge until I had the right sauce-meat-bean ratio…)