It’s been a whirlwind of a few months that felt like weeks, and the time warp is unlikely end anytime soon.  Sorry folks that you havent heard much from me lately, but I suppose it’s about time to get used to it.

Steve & I are leaving this great continent in only 2 weeks, setting off for an international backpacking adventure in NZ, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong before we, after 2 long years, arrive back in the good ol’ US of A just in time to spend Christmas with our families.

Blogging requires purpose, and my purpose has been to keep friends and family back home informed of all the cool things we’ve been up to the last 2 years in a land far away and down under, and to share my general passion for the life, the outdoors, food and all other things that tickle my fancy with anyone kind enough to follow along.  It’s been a really great experience, and I hope that I will find a new blogging purpose upon our return to the United States.  Somehow, an American in America just doesn’t quite have the same ring…

In any case, I’ll be posting a few pictures of our going away festivities in the next few weeks before our formal send off from the great city of Melbourne. Let’s call it one last virtual hurrah!