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Our friends are the greatest. 

A Saturday evening out for burritos turned out to  be a ruse for a super sweet surprise party… All our friends were there, and Mel even made these awesome banners that were hung all over the bar!

(the organizing gang — Stuart, Matt (aka the Beard), Millie, Meaghan, Casey, Mel — and of course me and Steve)

This necklace is all about the headband.   Headbands are such a good quick way to accessorize / avoid showering on a lazy Saturday. I’ve got a small collection of handmade headbands acquired at various craft markets, and thought, hey, I have a glue gun too!

So when I found these adorable little black netting flowers at my beadshop, and the plain black headband, I dug out my glue gun and got to work…

Feel the flower power!


What I’m listening to this week:  Angus & Julia Stone, A Book Like This (2007).  Man, how I love this folksy brother/sister Australian duo.  Simple melodies, acoustic guitar, the occasional harmonica.  Right up my alley, especially for a sleepy morning. 

No favorites on this album, I love them all.  (Plus, they kinda all sound the same so its hard to pick favorites…)