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Melbourne has started perhaps the coolest public safety ad campaign ever – it involves 30 rhinos, skateboards, and a message about saving your life.  What could be better?  Oh I know, a great big yellow sign!

This is also an important message for would-be visitors.  On top of getting accustomed to the whole look LEFT before crossing the street thing, you’ve gotta also watch out the middle of the street for approaching trams!

Notice how hard the horses are trying to get away from that hurling hunk of metal!

To the woman who took a bath in floral perfume this morning and got on the 8:56 75 tram:

It is unacceptable to disturb the olfactory senses of 95 people packed into a tram when the stifling heat has already reached 39 degrees by 9 am, and there is zero air circulation. Seriously, can’t you see the beads of sweat on everyone’s faces? It’s 9 am. And it’s 39 freaking degrees!!

They make this thing called body spray. It’s light, refreshing even. A subtle smell, one that reminds the man sniffing your neck that you’re a lady, but doesn’t cause coughing spasms for persons unlucky enough to be in your general vicinity, or two blocks downwind. Or, cause me to get off the tram three stops early and walk to rest of the way in the sweltering heat, because the smell of you for 3 more minutes just might make me pass out.