The show was held at Etihad Stadium, which is usually a sports venue and seats at least 80,000.  JayZ opened to a lukewarm reception at best (hip hop is NOT popular here) with only 20,000 or so people, but the hoards streamed in for the main event and filled the stadium 100% and then some.  All seats filled and a throbbing mob of a few lucky ten thousand or so with standing room only on the field.

Over the “360” stage hovered an amazingly clear and futuristic jumbo tron, which was quite helpful to see Bono prancing around the stage (since we were sitting directly behind the band).  But true to the reputation, the band did a great job of rotating around the 360 stage for maximum view-ability, including with two bridges from the core middle of the stage to the sidewings, which made for easy access down and around the perimeter… And then, the magic happened.

The jumbotron actually extended down and nearly over the band, into little tiles of light.  Which made for some amazingly bright and colorful transitions, and abstract shots of the band and visual graphics.

Oh and, notice those lasers beaming up from the top (and around all sides).  Pretty darn spectacular.  But even after 3 hours, all good things must come to an end.  So, as instructed by our rocker-chic, politically-active, leather clad host for the night, we and thousands of other Melbournians obeyed the command to “light it up like the milky way”, pulled out our cell phones (waving lighters is so 90s, not to mention a serious fire hazard), sang along to “With or Without You” and bid our entertainers adieu.

And because thousands of people can’t all fit into a two-car tram, we opted to walk home from Etihad stadium (clear on the W. end of the CBD to Richmond, an easterly suburb, nearly 4km) and avoid the armpit to armpit moshpit that was public transportation that night.  When we did finally catch a tram with breathing room (only 3 stops from our house by then but hey, my dogs were barking) a kindly old man sitting near me said, “I think there was a concert in town tonight….”  Yes, yes sir, there was.