(camels from a distance)

(the wave, uluru)

 (oh how I love flies… let me count the ways…)

(Kata Tjuta panorama)

(an impromptu photo, while stopped for a 2pm roadcheck…seriously)

(camel toe!)

(desert grasses)

(galah birds)

(lord of the flies)


(sunset at Kings Canyon)

(a sunburnt country.  aka, controlled burning to keep the sun from blistering the landscape)

(wild melons, roadside)

(Claire at Kings’ Canyon)

(gorgeous tree, in morning’s first light)

(400 yo cycade in Kings Canyon)

(the ghostly gum, along a red and blue horizon)

(Claire, overlooking the West McDonnell Ranges)

(red rocks of Redbank Gorge)

(yellow flower)

(w. mcdonnell butterfly)

(dingos… not just a docile dog)

(red gum)


(Zzsteve – who wouldn’t want to go camping with this guy)