(one can’t only admire this coastline from the car… frequent stops to stretch the legs are necessary)

(will I never tire of adoring these sleepy little furry creatures…? )

(crab hunting.  hundreds of tiny little blue crabs scattered across the sand
at the tremors of our approaching footsteps.  ok, maybe more like spotting than hunting… )


(quintessential Aussie animal spotting, kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree)

(no girls’ weekend would be complete without wine in plastic cups on the beach)

(the sister apostles, which make me a little nostalgic for a time
when two sisters stood before these dwindling peaks…)

(12 apostles)

(the sun sets on day 1, through dense clouds)

(day 2: from the beach to the rainforest)

(triplet falls)

(Brrrrr… isn’t it supposed to be summer Down Under??!!)

(frond on frond action)