Day 1 – Salamanca Market (Hobart), then on to Coles Bay

(St. David’s Park, Hobart)

(hippest. bagpipe. player. ever.)

Caution, Herculean kangaroos lifting cars ahead!

(Coles Bay, TAS)

(c&s W)

(jelly doughnut)

(our humble abode)

(checking out the not-so-humble and rather awe-inspiring view)

(steve, with view of The Hazards in the background)

(the world-traveling turtle)

 This turtle has hiked Macchu Pichu (Peru) and Mt. Chirrupo (Costa Rica), wandered through Yellowstone National Park (USA) and Freycinet National Park (Australia), and even survived a (Bentley) bear attack!  

(mussels,clinging on for dear life!)


Day 2 – Hike to Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach

Wineglass Bay, aerial (but cloudy) view from lookout

Claire the tree hugger is content

(lichen covered rocks)

(a twisted tree marks the entrance to Wineglass Bay beach)

(orange spattered rocks at the beach)


(a shell-lined walk along the sands of Hazards Beach)

(calm, crystal clear waters)

are we there yet? 

(the picture doesn’t translate, but this funky palm had a face carved into it)


Day 3 – Friendly Beach

 (Friendly Beach lookout)

 (that turquoise blue just never gets old, or less photgenic!)

(totally awesome little fruit farm in Sorell, TAS, just outside Hobart)

A perfect place for a stopover when you’re 110-kms/hour driving through the Tasmanian countryside brings you to the airport WAY ahead of flight schedule.   Definitely merits a return visit when fruits are in full-season!

 p.s. thanks for the red duffell dad! 

it perfectly fits our camping items and within the cheap-o, checked-bag weight limits!