(it’s always windy on Manly Beach)

(surfing in the moonlight)

(akpsiers at the Blue Mountains)

(lisa and matt)

(three sisters)

(The three sisters feature prominently in a range of different Aboriginal tribes’ creation stories, in the usual telling, turned to stone to protect them from an overzealous trio of brothers seeking to forcibly marry them.  Although this “dreaming story” primarily originals in the Jamieson Vally in NSW, where these three spindle limestone peaks in the Blue Mountains bear their name, abstract representations of the sisters fill the canvases of Aboriginal art featured in the Melbourne NGV from various tribes in NSW and Victoria.)

(a hike over wentworth falls at daybreak)

(no really, we were there)

(rising sun over falling waters)


(a good catch on a supremely windy day)

(red hands cave)