On Dave & Cathy’s first weekend in Melbourne, we spent Saturday doing our “normal” routine at the markets in Richmond and the CBD, and cooked a big feast for dinner.  Then on Sunday, it was time to explore a bit of the countryside outside of the city.  Driving through the Yarra Valley, the normal herds of sheep dotted the landscape but this time, we noticed the most adorable little newborn lambs frockling in the fields.  You know me, ever one for cute animal pictures, we had to pull off for a quick pic!

First stop was the Healesville Sancturary, a great outdoor zoo for scoping out native Australian wildlife.  (OK, so this one was stuffed)

We got to see some of our old favorites, emus, galas, white cockatoos…  Kangaroos and wallabies…. Koalas…

(pink gala)

(wallaby eating an apple)

Dave and Cathy of course loved it all, as a great opportunity for up close and personal Aussie animal sightings.  And Steve & I had a few new spottings, namely, this adorable cubby little wombat.

I’m convinced Healesville sits under a permanent rain cloud.  Each time we’ve been there (and especially when Leah & Jordan visited!) its rained.  The first time Steve & I went, the wombat refused to come out of his little cubby hole and get wet.  This time, we made sure to met him at “feeding time”!  Not even raindrops can come between a wombat and breakfast!

Of course, shortly after feeding time began, the rain increased from drizzle to downpour…  So we moved quickly through the rest of the exhibits (pausing for a few shots of the herons, who of course don’t mind water) and back down into the valley for an afternoon of wine tastings.

After traisping around in the rain, everyone was ready for lunch.  We stopped at the Rochford estate for a quick pre-lunch tasting (have to know what to order with eats of course!) and a lovely 2 course meal.  The food was spectacular, but Cathy’s entrée stole the day.  She had been searching for a good English scotch egg (hard boiled egg encased in sausage, then rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried) and boy did she find it…  Delish!!

After lunch we stopped over at the Chandon estate. Throughly satisfied (and still a bit soggy) we set out home for Richmond after a splendid Sunday afternoon.