On Friday when we arrived, we took the ferry to Manly Beach for a taste of the familiar. 

(Wes looks so serene!)



Although it was a bit cloudy, I always love an opportunity to be on the water and watch the sailboats lazily skirt by.  I couldn’t help thinking what a wonderful life it must be to live in Sydney (and not be a lawyer) as the hundreds of sailboats filled the harbour at sunset for a Friday afternoon cruise.  When we arrived at Manly, the other half of Sydney seemed to have caught the ferry out for the late afternoon rough.  Surfing or sailing, your pick:  what’s the best way to jumpstart your weekend and spend a Friday afternoon…?

After we grew tired of watching the surfers (and hungry!) we wandered back through the Friday night Manly International Market – with live local performers and a street full of vendors selling everything from paella to quesadillas to kofta. What a great (and cheap) way to spend a Friday in the big city!

Then it was back on the ferry to Sydney, this time (unlike our first trip) at night.

It was pretty spectacular seeing the city lights sparkling and reflecting off the water…

(the magnificent opera house)

And then, my old friend came into view.  If you don’t remember from our last post about Sydney, I am obsessed with the beauty of the opera house.  I was looking forward to seeing it again, and seeing if it was all I remembered it to be.   From the habour, at night, I can affirmatively answer YES!  I’ll spare you the 20+ pics I took from every angle as the ferry circled around it and into Circular Quay, but let’s just say, I love that landmark.

(Bondi Beach)

Bondi is the classic Sydney beach, so with sun and 80+ degree weather on Saturday, we had to check it out.  After a brief stop through the shopping stalls of the Rocks to pick up some souvenirs for back home, we took the Bondi bus and arrived in sandy, windy, oily beach heaven.  It was like Miami Beach in Florida, every one looked as if they were born to be on the beach.  Stretched out on colorful towels as far as the eye could see, I took up my spot amongst the locals and read a book while Steve and Wes body surfed in the ferocious waves and undertow.  A perfect Sat afternoon!


(beach art along the boardwalk at Bondi)

(ironic street art)

(Darling Harbour, at night)

Our last night in Sydney, it was out to Darling Harbour (the second biggest and most popular harbour in Sydney after Circular Quay), which had it own spectacular night city lights and a firework show to boot!  Few bottles of wine and delicious mouthwatering steak later, and we felt thoroughly satisfied with our second visit to Oz’s classic city.