For the first month or so in Australia, South Yarra has been our home. 

South Yarra is, a proprio, just south of the Yarra River and east of both the Royal Botanical Gardens and Faulker Park.  

Compared to the other Melbourne neighborhoods, its pretty swanky.  In most neighborhoods in Melbourne, the main strip is lined with restaurants and cafes, and other shops such as coffee specialty stores, lolly shops, bookstores and other wares.  In South Yarra, its nothing but (10-year behind the times) designer clothes – everything from expensive suits, dresses, shoes, bags, and an unusual porportion of maternity wear.   

Still, the neighborhood streets are quaint and quiet, tucked behind the bustling Toorak Road and Chapel Street, and have an almost old-world charm.

(Shops along Toorak Road)

Although its been cool and crisp since we arrived, on sunny days we’ve ventured out into the neighborhood and nearby Faulkner Park, and you get a real sense of old-English country architecture and design.  Victorian wrought-iron balconies and decorative fences reign supreme, as to the English garden mentality.  This, so far, is my favorite part of suburban Melbourne — beautiful and tiny little gardens full of roses, gardenia, ivy, morning glories, and other indigenous flowers and plants yet to be identified burst out from front-yard gardens on display for passerbyers to see and smell.  South Yarra streets are a deliciously fragrant place to wander in springtime!

(South Yarra Victorian style townhouse)

(South Yarra garden)