Sunday afternoon, post-lunch at the Vines, we headed to Cape Schanck for some coastal views.  When we finally found the park (we passed it once as everyone in the car was chatting instead of navigating), we headed down the trail to the boardwalk of gale-force winds (oh, and beautiful coastal views)….

windblown Whites


The coast was really quite beautiful.  Rugged and windswept scrubs and low-lying plants adorned the hills.  The rough waves cut a jagged coastline in each direction.  Pummeled by waves crashing into the Bass Strait from the Antartic Ocean, Great Australian Bight and Tasman Sea, the coast shown its years of wear and tear.  The epitome of this was the Cape, a rough jagged cutout into the ocean, and its surroudning formations.  

Transfixed by the sound and strength of the waves, we sat for awhile on the edge just watching water droplets crash on the beach.