Queen Victoria market is a the largest farmers market in Melbourne, and so much more.  You can find nearly anything at the market, from every sort of edibles to retail items such as clothing, shoes, pet items, Australia paraphernalia, herbal medicines, a didgeridoo…. . The sheer size of the market is literally overwhelming.  This morning I went to the market for the first time to buy produce, and spent a good 20 minutes wandering the jammed packed aisleways just shopping the prices and freshness of the items I was seeking before I even though about buying anything from any one vendor.  Sheer madness, and it was 12pm then (well past the peak market time).

Outdoors is a plethora of produce, and the indoor market houses all the meats and delectable dairies.  There are a dozen or more red meat counters (principally beef and lamb, no kangaroo that I saw (but my local butcher carries it!)) as just as many fish counters, and organic chickens as far as the eye could see.  With so many meatastic options, it wasn’t too hard to pick the right one (if you don’t mind a wait) as the popular ones have lines 6 people wide and 4 people deep.

More cheeses than I even know the name of = heaven.

While not likely to be our weekly grocery stop, given that we have a manageable sized market just across the street from us every Saturday that doesn’t require a tram ride or bumping elbows with 458 people, you cannot beat the prices at the Vic market.  For $60 I came home with 1 kg of fresh black pepper, tomato and spinach linguine, 6 pumpkin and pine nut stuffed agnolini, a bunch of garlic scapes, 6 vine ripe tomatoes, the most brilliant burgundy rhubarb, 25″ stalks of green onions, sundried tomato stuffed green olives, 3 pints of strawberries, 8 passionfruit, half a kilo of red grapes, a bunch of cilantro, 2 avos, a red capsicum,and 200 kgs of prosciutto.

Now if I can only find enough time to cook it all!