You may recall Bentley’s lack of affinity for water on previous beach trips. Steve has been trying to coax him into the water since we’ve been in Australia.  On most beach trips, he stays steadfastly on the beach…

(“wait, where are you guys going??”)


Then we tried a combination of coaxing and coercion, with me out in the water and Steve bringing up the rear flank.  But when the water reached chest height, paralysis set in every time…

(“mom, why are you doing this to me??”)

(“seriously guys, this is not cool…”)

After a LONG time simply standing in the water, and a big wave washed up and over his face, Steve rescued him by lifting him out of the water.

Lo and behold, 5 feet above the waves, Bentley started doggy paddling in air!  Seriously one of the most hilarious sights I’ve ever seen, Steve carrying him and him air-paddling…

 We knew now that he had the right instincts, he just needed to be terrified enough to use them.  So we threw him out into deeper waters and, for the first time ever, Bentley swam!

Sure, he was forced by survival instincts to do so and couldn’t go for more than 30 feet or so before his hindquarters starting sinking below the surface, but swim he did nonetheless.

After our exertions, we walked back along the beach and sat down for a rest.

Sitting at the foot of our beach towels, Bentley came to another shocking realization:  not only could he swim at the beach, but he could dig!

I seriously think the dog had never realized this is what his instincts were telling him to do all these years when he’s been scratching in vain at our couch cushions.  Being an apartment dog, and never really having a proper backyard, he always has the urge to dig but it never quite yielded the results he was looking for.  Enter sand.

He was so amazed at his ability to dig, he dug 12 holes around the perimeter of my beach towel!! It was quite a day, and we were quite proud parents at what our little man had learned to do in the space of a few leisurely hours on the beach…

(“Ahhhhhh, this is the life!”)