Since arriving in Australia, Steve has always wanted to go to Snowy River National Park. He and his brother Curt grew up with the book (and movie) and so it was just one of those things we knew we had to tick off the list.  With a Groupon cabin booked for the Queen’s Birthday in nearby Lakes Entrance, we ventured up to the national park with Kelly and Adam for a day hike.

Now, as you may know, our timing with Australian vacations is not always ideal / Australia is prone to a multitude of natural disasters.  Two days prior to our trip, it had been raining so heavily in the area that the army was called in to sandbag people’s homes. 

As we approached the entrance to Snowy River National Park, we saw this.

(where’s Snowy River National Park entrance?)

(signs point this way… at least, I think…)

(yep, that’s the road to our trailhead)

Never ones to admit defeat, we turned what was to be a 1km walk from the parking area to a nice waterfall into a 8km return, since we had to hike it down the road to the trailhead.  Every 15-20 feet we tackled a new configuration of downed trees – over, under, through… After realizing he didn’t have to copy mom, Bentley turned out to have the most fun of all of us; with a much lower height clearance he crashed through the brush under the fallen logs. 

The rest of us enjoyed a full body hike, using our thighs, core, arms etc. to navigate, twist and turn through the maze of fallen limbs.  This part of it was actually great fun, each fallen tree like a challenging puzzle to solve and conquer.  And the weather was beautiful – mildly warm and sunny – and the scenery fantastic.  Plus no one else was crazy enough to be out on these trails, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

(Snowy River)


(rushing waters)

(Basin Creek falls)

The next day, we spent our morning taking in the Lakes Entrance coast, walking up and down the beach and coastal inlet.  Though its winter, there was still an abundance of bird life, enjoying themselves a lazy morning and allowing us to plenty of lattitude to snap a few photos.


(black swan)

(sitting on the dock at the bay)

(taking off)

(soaking up the sun)

(holy foam)


Not so bad for a winter vaca.  Happy Birthday, Elizabeth II!