Day 1:Launceston to St Helens


(Ninth Island Vineyard)

(black swans swimming in the Tamar Valley river)

(North-East Tasmania – the path ahead)

(roadside fun with an echidna)

(…I double dog dare you…)

Day 2: Bay of Fires

(setting out for the hike up the coast at the Bay of Fires)

(ominous skies ahead)

(hills of hay gleaming in the sunlight)

(the wayward tracks of wallabies in the sand by an inlet lagoon)

(dunes, beach, forest)

(shore birds)

(trademark orange-lichen covered rocks)

(even the seaweed is orange!)


(tidal pool)

(happy hikers)

(conqueror of the beach)

(content at the water’s edge)

Day 3: St Columba Falls 

(falls from a far away)


(and close-up encounters with a baby wallaby)

(and he’s off!)

(the Whites at the waterfall and the end of a wonderful weekend…)