To celebrate Steve’s new job at ESS Super, we decided a night on the town was called for.  Of course, for us, that means ridiculously expensive but mouth-watering food.  After scoping out a few potential sites on Flinders Ln, I settled on the french brasserie, mostly because it had the highest percentage of steak selections on the menu and my man loves himself a big hunk of red meat.

We met after work for a cocktail, and then set out for our culinary destination.  For entrees, Steve went safe (soupe a l’oignon) and I went kinda-safe (seared scallops and fried pigs tail).  The scallops were delicious (Steve relented to try 1/2 of one, and then pilfered the other half and a whole) and, once I got over the mental image of eating  a curly pink tail, I scarfed down my “tail croquettes” with no problem.  For mains, we each had the eye filet (a tenderloin, or center cut filet, cut in the U.S.).  And may I say, the french do know their fries and the food is perfectly attributable–our “chips” were soft on the inside yet crispy, friend in truffle oil and salted to perfection.  In a word, “beautiful.”  Best fries in the city (and for the price we paid, they’d better be).