On Saturday (we don’t get Thursday off here), we had thanksgiving in Oz with some American and Aussie colleagues.  It was a potluck affair:  Adrianna brought risotto and the pumpkin pie, David brought a ham and sweet potato casserole, and we baked a turkey four doors down in our friend Greg’s oven, mashies the classic way and an apple pie in our oven, and fried up some all American goodness for starters.  Entrees were fried mac and cheese balls, corn dogs (well, OK, Hungarian sausages because they don’t have American style hot dogs readily available), fried pickles and the typical cheese, nuts and fruit plate.  Overall, with the Aussies, the fried pickles and mac and cheese were perhaps the favorites, the sweet potato casserole the most intriguing (yes, I explained, those are marshmallows on top).  With the Americans, pavlova was the clear favorite.  Mel brought two traditional Aussie desserts: pavlova (a meringue topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit), and lammingtons (a square piece of sponge cake covered with chocolate and coconut).  Everyone had a slice of pavlova and loved it (what a light and airy finish to a big meal!).  For his part, Steve worked his way through the flat (20+) of  lammingtons all Sunday afternoon.

And, for perhaps the first time in Claire cooking history…. there were no leftovers (other than the 12 dinner rolls that we bought and forgot to serve with dinner). A good sign for any cook!