Selah in Sydney.  If you’re here, go there.  Saturday night we got a booking for this “Australian contemporary cuisine” restaurant just off the harbour, and the ambience and food was fantastic. And, it was actually quite reasonably priced for a city in which everything is ridiculously expensive. 

The waitstaff was comforting and chatty, which was welcome after a sun-blistered, awesome and exhausting day of exploring the city (even when the waitress straight up laughed when I took off my sweater and revealed my oh-so-prominent farmers’ tan from the beachy day at Manly and baking on the ferry to and fro).

Delicious, bite-sized sea scallops for an entree, and wagyu beef pie for a main.  That’s right, I paid $30 for a beef pie.  An amazingly tasty, succulent and sweet, meat pie with layers of flavor.  My mission in life, as a former vegetarian and partial meat snob, is to only eat meat so good and of such a quality that Kristin, a full on veggie, is tempted to eat it.  Mission accomplished, yet again.  I think she even went back for seconds…