We have been getting our mojo on!  Mojo’s Pizza that is.  Less than a 2 minute walk from our house, literally around the block, is perhaps the best pizza place I’ve ever eated at.  There, I said it, the best.

Now I’m already going to make some enemies with this post since I like Italian (i.e., in Italy) or New York pizza, and am not the biggest fan of Chicago Deep Dish.  What I do like, is a decently thin (but not wafer-like) crust, and amazing flavor. Mojo’s is my kinda pizza place. 

 Here’s a sampling of what they have under the “weird pizza” category:  Royale with Cheese, Yankee Doodle (topped with bbq sauce and mac-n-cheese), Prickly Pear (proscuitto, pear and basil), the Woodsman (your normal American meat-lovers on crack: salami, ham, bacon, and chicken), Gringo, Tandoor, Moby Dick (fish and chips), and the Big Brekky (egg, sausage, bacon and hash browns). 

They have a whole host of options if you are a veggie lover, with names designed to make kids eat their vegetables I think:  Tantulus (eggplant, pumpkin, capsicum), Oasis (falafel and tzatziki), Athens & Ali Baba (different takes on a greek salad on bread).  Oh, oh and, the Kaas Kop for those cheese lovers out there: caramelized onion, tasty cheese, blue vein cheese and cream cheese. (this list, by the way, is only about 30% of their menu)

And for dessert, you have your pick of the Bumpy Lane (chocolate sauce, chocolate and raspberry lollies, marshmallow and peanuts) or the Climax (vanilla custard and cinnamon apples).

It’s week three in Richmond, and we’ve been to Mojos no less than 6 or 8 times.  Like I said, getting our Mojo on…