I am going to gain 20 lbs (or 9kgs) living here!  There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the food here – yummy, delicious, scrumptious, expensive (if not, at times, overpriced), innovative and thoughtfully presented.  Its amazing.  They serve breakfast late, and any many places, all day, and eggs almost always means poached (which is absolutely perfect for me!). 

It’s going to be a culinary adventure living and eating here.  So far, I’ve had more fish than I had in the previous 6 months (snapper (a local delicacy) served with banana leaf salad and head intact, trout dumplings, salmon caviar, scallops), eaten more Asian cuisine than I have in the last 6 months (Japanese, Thai and “South Asian street food” that costs $50 for a shared plate), and had more unique food combinations than one can count (banana fritters with black sesame ice cream, grilled beef hamburger with traditional japanese sides, chicken “burger” with Portuguese peri=peri sauce).