What I’m listening to this week:  Dave Matthews Band, Away from the World (2012).

Because no matter what my age, I always love DMB.  My first concert was at 13.  My most recent, 26.  And since Under the Table and Dreaming was my first CD, I maintain my love for DMB is most definitely not mainstream. 

But I digress.  The latest release has bits and pieces of a new sound (e.g., funky jazz rifts on the opening Broken Things), but all in all will be familiar to an old Dave fan.  There’s the sad and sweet poignancy of nothing more than Dave’s voice and a guitar on Sweet and Belly Full.  There’s the politically messaged Gaucho that should be a contender for Obama’s 2012 campaign song (an evolution from “Change you can believe in” to “we gotta do much more than believe if we really wanna change things…”, complete with an a capella bridge of children’s’ voices and references to American’s greatness in the 1960s in landing a man on the moon).  And then there’s Drunken Soldier, a perfect DMB jam from a perfect jam band.