As much as we are happy to be coming home (and trust me, we really are so happy for that moment), we have really loved living in Melbourne.  The friends we have made here are no small part of that.  In fact, they’re a huge part of it.  So it’s pretty depressing to think that we won’t see some of them again.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had when leaving D.C.  See in my law firm life in D.C., there were the three musketeers (me, Laura and Mark, who all summered and started at the law firm together) and the wise sage who (with some reluctance) took us under his wing and guided us through the hard weeks with plentiful martinis.  As one might gather, junior associate life at a “big law” firm is pretty much akin to torture. Our exit plans were a frequent topic of discussion; it was no secret that we all wanted out, it was just a matter of time. 

So when I decided my “out” was moving to our firm’s Melbourne office, I was frankly surprised my fellow musketeers took the news so hard.  After all, we all talked about leaving one day, right?  But as the wise old man pointed out, I was doing the leaving first.  I was leaving them behind.

It honestly hadn’t occurred to me to think of it in that way.

Recently, I’ve been in the uncomfortable position of being both the deserter and the deserted.  My dear friend and companion in the Melbourne office has decided to cut her losses and run.  Literally.  Out of law firm life, out of Australia, back to a life that resembles what so many think of as normal — where things like family, friends and sanity take priority. 

Which honestly, has shook me. After all, it was supposed to be her farewelling me in November.  And now in a few short weeks, I’ll be the one left behind.

And a few short months (weeks really) after that, we’ll be leaving. Leaving great friends we’ve made in Melbourne behind.

(it all sounds a little apocolyptic, I know)

So in between moments of feeling like a deserter (again), I’m just trying to savor the moments with friends.  Lunch, movies, coffees, dinner parties in Richmond, pubs, cheap eats in Chinatown, after dinner drinks on Tuesday, Wednesday…is it Thursday yet???

This is probably the real culprit for my lack of blogging in the past few months; I’ve been spending too much time having fun in the real world.  (see drinking English cider like it’s going out of style). 

Which really, when you think about it, is a pretty good reason.