I’m on a mission: sample all types of cider known to man.  Or at least, available for sale in Melbourne.

I love cider. Like seriously, love.  Not the sweet stuff (pear, berry need not apply).  Those ciders just seem to be an expensive substitute for boxed rose wine.  But the bone dry, lightly sparkling, earthy apple stuff–delish!

We’ve been drinking cider like its going out of style (or, more accurately, out of circulation when we find ourselves back in the U.S.A. with nothing but Woodchuck)

The best part is that, in Melbourne, there are so many varieties to sample.   I still manage to find bottles I’ve never had before at little, off-the-beaten track cellar doors and beer shops.  So, just for funseys, here’s my top 5 cider list:

For drinkability: Pipsqueak, Healesville (Victoria)–$15 for a sixer (goes down like water; if water was bubbly and had 5% alcohol content)

For that special occasion:  Henney’s, England–$12 per 500 ml (A bit on the expensive side, but the ultimate in dry English cider and worth it for a special occasion)

At pubs: Bulmers, UK–$8-10 a pint at the pub (its on tap.  For years, my distaste for beer has kept me from partaking in the cheap “on-tap” selections of the finest bars.  Plus have you seen the wine lists at pubs?  Might be the only places in Australia that actually serve Yellow Tail)

For something different:   Old Rosie, England–$6 per 500ml  (really, any brand of “scrumpy” or “cloudy” cider will do)

Whenever I can find it:  Old Mout, NZ–$13 for a four-for (just all around goodness coming from this brand, but can be hard to find.  Also love their boysenberry cider ($10 for a 750ml) that has just the right amount of subtle sweetnes.  Oh how us (former) bo(i)sens are suckers for boysenberries!)