The great thing about making your own jewelry is that you can always recreate old things to make something new and pretty, or mend things that don’t quite work out right the first time.

Take, for example, this turquoise lariat… ah, how I loved this design.

I visualized the design about a year ago and over time finally found all the perfect pieces:  the turquoise disks for the collar, different textures of red coral chips, the perfect centerpieces (a chunk of red coral and a turquoise doughnut with a red coral flower through the center) to balance it out.

Unfortunately, try as I did, this design was not meant to be.  Time after time, it broke.  I tried a heavier gauge wire, reinforced wire, double strengthening the bind at the clasp… all to no avail.  It was just too heavy, too long, and with too many pressure points at the various juncture points.

When I went to mend, I found myself with a much simpler design but still elegant finish.  It’s a high neck choker, and looks lovely with a plain black dress and black cardigan; a real stand out piece.  What do you think, old or new?