Pictures of the Milford Sound Trek are finally here!  Our 5 day walk to Milford Sound took us across a deep fiord lake, through the rainforest, along a river so clear it appeared emerald-green from the lush forest reflection and past countless waterfalls. All in all we walked approximately 55kms (just over 33 miles), and gained 1,000 meters (over 3,000 feet) in elevation change, over roughly 3 days.

We enjoyed spectacular weather for a region where it can rain nearly every day (March, average 18 days).  It was one of the most memorable moments of my life; there is simply nothing like the absolute peace of mind that comes from 10 hours days in the outdoors, with no sounds other than the rushing wind, chirping birds, flowing water, and pace of your own breath.  An absolutely amazing journey, which we were blessed to be able to share with dad and donna.

The days will unfold over a series of posts.   Day 1: bus trip from Queesntown to Te Anu, 1.5 hour boat ride on Lake Te Anu, 1km walk to the Glade House, followed by a nature walk and nighttime star-gazing.  A very short walk for the “first day of hiking”, but enough beautiful sights to leave us itching for more…

Check out the full pictures.