So you got the gist of my “birthday” hike on Cradle Mountain from a previous iphone posting – a spot of rain perhaps?

But what you didn’t see is that despite that spot (OK, more than a few drops) of rain we had an absolutely beautiful weekend in the rugged Cradle Mountain National Park, including blue skies and sunlight days and nighttime treks to get up close and personal with Tasmania’s nocturnal wildlife.

I’ve posted before about my love for this tiny island state off the southern coast of Australia – it’s a wild and untouched place with national parks so vast you can really get lost, in every sense of the word, in your surroundings.  Cradle Mountain National Park, home of the famous Overland Track (a 6 day hike), provided a gorgeous background for a weekend of hiking with my Dad and donna, who were equally in love with this special place.

Cradle Mountain is also home to an amazing abundance of wildlife – with a greater concentration of wallabies, paddymellons, wombats, and possums than I’ve seen anywhere else in Australia.  We went on one organized “night tour” and FINALLY encountered Tasmanian Devils (resolution: complete!), and our own midnight walk, complete with headlamps.  The iridescent glow of my headlamp landed on literally dozens of glowing eyes in the darkness.  ‘Course it was too dark for any good photo shots, but I’ll include this one anyways.


Check out full pictures on the out and about page.