March is going to be quite a month on our feet.  Among other things, we’ve committed to hike the Milford Sound Track in New Zealand with dad and donna — it’s a 4 day, 55km hike through fjordland on the South Island. Should be pretty awesome, and a physical challenge for all of us.

If past is any precedent, it’s important to prepare properly for multi-day hikes… So we’re determined to do a series of training hikes, one every week for the next 2 months, to get read for the big show.

Unfortunately, morning rain dampened our plans for a hike in the Dandenongs on Sunday.  Steve was already underenthused and slightly hungover, so he settled in for an afternoon of his favorite Sunday activity: watching NFL (taped).  Determined not to slip a week behind I did the only thing that made sense; I walked out the front door and just kept walking…

Week 1: Richmond to CBD; the scenic route
Distance: 13 kms
Grade: easy
Weight: appx 6-7kgs

I’d learned the week before, when an impromptu urge to bike to work during the holiday lull hit me, that although it’s a short 3km direct route from Hosie Street to the city, it takes 3x as long if you follow the winding Yarra River (a full 10 kms).  Fully aware of my ridiculous appearance, I strapped on the hiking boots and a pack weighted down with clothes and books and trekked a 13km loop along the river, through the CBD, and back down bustling Bridge Road.

Strangely, the rain had not lowered the temperature and an uncharacteristic humidity hung in the air.  But the river provided a light breeze and all in all it was a good test for distance (if not elevation).

Dad & donna are also diligently getting ready for the hike (although in much different terrain!)