Some days, I can’t possibly compete with others around me for content worthy of web-publishing.  Today’s guest post comes to you via Grace, who is fostering kittens this Christmas out of the goodness of her heart, and Leah, my cat-loving sister, whose reaction upon viewing pictures of said kittens is reproduced below.

<<<Why I Can Never Foster Kittens:

 The situation would go something like this: 

*adoptive kitten parents show up for kittens*

 Loving potential parents: “Hey! We’re here to see the kittens and bring them home and love them!”

Leah: “They’ve been eaten by wolves. Go away.” 

 *slams door and continues snuggling kittens in a fit of euphoric joy*

Then i would have to quit my job so i could stay home and take pictures of them all day, then i would have to resort to blogging about cats in order to raise funds so i could buy more kittens, then slowly my house would fill with small furry piles of addictive bliss until you found me one day, half nibbled by adorable tiny pink mouths with my hands wrapped in yarn.>>>

See, I told you.  Can’t possibly compete.

Leah maintains a food and beverage blog (not involving her love for cats, yet…) that is totally worth checking out.  Because not only does she love cats so much she would make yarn mittens of her hands just to bring them happiness, she also makes a mean martini. And as you can tell from the exchange above, is pretty freaking hilarious.