It’s that time of year when my cooking posts become totally out of sync with the fresh seasonal produce in the U.S.  While I am enjoying kilos of cherries, nectarines and mangos for mere dollars at the farmer’s market, those of you in the dead of winter in the U.S. are probably thinking, does produce shipped from Chile count as “seasonal”??

In any case, this soup was so fabulous it’s worth sharing whatever the season in your hemisphere.  A cold treat, with a hint of sweetness and a lot of crunch, it will be a staple on my “impress the dinner guests” menus to come…

 apple and soup cream soup

10 lychees

1 small Lebanese cucumber

8-10 large mint leaves

400g unfiltered pressed apple juice

200g sour cream

Carefully remove skin and pit lychees, leaving roughly whole (or only halved).  Dice cucumber into small squares, and thinly slice mint leaves.  Combine with lychees.  Whisk apple juice and sour cream together, and chill for 10-15 minutes or until ready to serve.  Divide lychee, mint and cucumber mixture evenly among 4 soup bowls and pour apple sour cream soup on top.

*recipe from Australian Gormet Traveler