It happened. This week, I became a Twihard. It all started with an innocent Sunday night screening of the original Twilight. Steve was already asleep on the couch so I thought, hey, why not?

No, this is not part of some midlife crisis where I’m trying to relieve my tween years. And yes, it does help that the vampires are so darn attractive. If Steve gets to watch movies like the Hulk and Conan ad naseum, why cant I have a little mindless fun? Plus a little part of me really loves the imagery of the Pac NW (don’t get too excited Dad, the premise is that the vampire live there because of the lack of sun).

Now, all I want to do is see if she becomes a vampire! Once I found out Kelly had been similarly “bitten”, and had poured through all the books and the movies on her iPad in mere weeks, the jig was up. I spent late nights this week catching up on New Moon and Eclipse. Nope, still human! We’re going to see part 1 of the finale in theaters this afternoon. Maybe, finally, I’ll get my answer…