Happy Thanksgiving!

As everyone back home settles down in a tryptophan-induced coma (or maybe helps themselves to a third helping of pie), we’re just kicking off Thanksgiving here in Australia.  No, we havent entered a time-warp where it’s now a day behind here…

But as there’s no holiday in Australia for Thanksgiving, our celebration and feast had to wait til Saturday.  To get a jump start on the cooking, I am “working from home” today to get stocked up and space out the cooking (since I have the tiniest oven known to man).  I picked up my $77 turkey from the local butcher (that’s right, a 12 pound turkey cost me SEVENTY SEVEN DOLLARS!) and all the necessary ingredients from the grocery store.

(looks like the makings of a fantastic meal, eh?)

Stay tuned for tales of our 18-person dinner party with representatives from nearly every Commonwealth (or former Commonwealth) country, and recipes to follow!