Since I first resolved to re-learn the piano, and brought my beautiful G Schwechten home as a first step to realizing that aim, I’ve had a hard time evaluating when to declare this particular resolution complete.

I briefly considered success to be achievement of my previous playing level. This goal was promptly abandoned when I flipped through the pages of my Chopin nocturnes and realized I could barely read the tightly packed stanzas, much less contort my early-onset-carpal-tunnel fingers into the right technical positions. Honestly, 9 months later at the “re-learning” effort and I am amazed that I was ever able to perform such a feat, which I chalk up to youthful zeal and a phenomenal and patient teacher.

I then considered, particularly given my remote location, recordation of a tune as evidence of my accomplishment. After all, concerts are a necessary part of any pupil’s repertoire and it would be the only way for the parents and grams back home to nostalgically reminisce of Sunday afternoons spent in the Andover public library.

I set out to record The Long Day is Over, both because my determination to re-learn piano was partially fueled by a desire to find an outlet for my passion for singing (other than shower karaoke) and I relate to this song on a particularly deep level. It is of the melodic romantic style my musical soul has always craved, and a particularly poignant commentary on my current lifestyle. But try as I did, and despite my sweet husband’s assertions that I play it as good as ol’ Nora, my perfectionism has not yet let the slight blemishes in my every attempt escape into the public domain.

At last, I have decided to judge this re-kindled passion of mine by the same token as my culinary leanings.  For the last few weekends, despite my zombie like state from 60+ hour work weeks, all I yearn to do on Saturday mornings is sit and play.  It looks at me longingly in the morning as I run for the tram, remembering mornings of a less stressful time when I would sit and play a few songs before catching the 9:15. I long back, waiting for the lazy, sunny afternoon when we can spend hours together remembering old melodies.

So, in my heart at least if not in my fingers, I declare, resolution complete!

(p.s. Jody, this post is for you and you are right, long overdue)