I heart this recipe for caramelized onions

Actually, let me rephrase.  I ate an entire batch of caramelized onions (4 onions, and I’m not going to add up the # of tbsp of butter) in 2 days flat. Dressing for veal ravioli with olive oil and parmesan, check.  Topping for mixed greens, sliced pear and fennel salad, double check.  Snack-time with a spoon straight into my mouth, you guessed it, CHECK.

I’m pretty sure that kinda of love qualifies for just this side of obsession / desire.

The duo at Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide has an awesome step-by-step tutorial, so rather than do it injustice by replication here just wander over there… you may find you like them as much as I do!