After a heckuva week at work, it was off to the races last Saturday.  Let’s just say over a 5-day span, my cumulative sleep was hovering in the low double digits.  Plus the forecast all week was calling for rain rain and more rain on race day.  So imagine my delight at an ENTIRE day off work (yes, it was  Saturday) to sit in the sun, sip champagne, and watch the horses whizz by.

From a fashion perspective, it was as  close to NYC Fashion Week as I can imagine.  And the view of the city from behind the race track was phenomenal.

For a few minutes, I did get caught up a bit in the whole betting thing ($1 bets only)… and then disillusioned as my horse selection strategy (awesomeness of horse name) did not yield any winnings.

All up I made $5 (my share for placing a winning bet for Mel because she was in the beer line).