Man, I’ve got a travel itch.  It doesn’t take long (its only been a month since our trip to the U.S.), and then it starts.  Gnawing, nagging… Digging in a little deeper until its red and raw and I’ve just gotta put on my walking shoes and go.  Unfortunately I have zero time to escape at the moment, given we’re a man down at work and a new deal seems to pop up every other day.

So for now, daydreams of the summer months to come will have to sustain me.  Like Christmas with K&D and NYE in Sydney. Australia Day camping on the GOR, and a Valentines Day weekend getaway in Tassie.  Then back to back visits from dad and donna (New Zealand here I come!) and Lisa and Matt (a hem… that’s a reminder web-cough in your direction Lisa!) in March and April.  Work? what work??

Sigh.  Can it be December NOW!!?!!  

Until then, more daydreams and a throw back…

This is me on my first international adventure (if you dont count intra-womb travels with the host mother), taking the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, BC. 

Woo hoo! Is that the face of a girl with a passion for travel, or what?