Readers beware, how can you be sure this is the real Claire White blogging?

A Claire White imposter has apparently been sighted in the state of New York, doing things like withdrawing thousands of dollars from the real Claire White’s bank account.  (Luckily, the real Claire White has an “air” tight alibi from the U.S. and Australian governments, as she was on a plane back to Australia at the time of the withdrawal.  So after about 35 hours on the phone with Citibank at international billing rates should be able to recover her money… possibly…maybe even this year).

Sure, there are ways to protect myself going forward.  I hear things like “fraud reports” exist, and Citibank may permanently freeze all my bank accounts such that no one – not even me! – can ever withdraw money again.

And the more and more I think about it, this is really my husband’s fault.  After having a perfectly unpronounceable name for the first 24 years of my life I was saddled with “Claire White”, possibly the most generic last name ever.  You might as well call me “female John Smith”.   Perhaps the best course of action is to change my name — using at least 1 capital letter, 1 symbol and 1 number (for security purposes of course).

Maybe I could seek to recoup my losses from him…

The real question is, with cash in hand, what will the imposter’s next target be?  Perhaps, knowing my love for mexican food, she will get a frequent purchaser card at Taco Bell, maliciously earning the benefit of free bean burritos in my name.  Or pull off a political-heist, registering an “R” vote on my ballot for the 2012 presidential elections thereby simultaneously creating newsworthy headlines (“Vote for a Republican candidate is received in the District of Columbia for first time ever!) and permanently tarnishing my carefully crafted political image.  With these pursuits behind her, what’s to stop her from invading my virtual identity??

So the real question is… are YOU safe?