Off to Perth again. Why can’t I get clients on the East Coast??

– man, I love first class a little more each time…
– due to a mining conference, all hotels in the city and a 2 hour radius were booked. So I’m staying, literally, in the guest house of an employee of the client who lives on the beach. Which means there’s potential for me to see something outside of the walls of my clients offices this time around. Potentially.

– the pained expression I have to make when the security personnel at the airport explains I’ve been selected for “random” explosives testing, AGAIN. If something happens 95% of the time, can you really call it “random” ?!
– weighing whether it would be appropriate in the scope of lawyer/client relations to call up the “main house” at 10pm and ask what wine by the glass they have available for room service. I’m thinking no, which is why this is therefore a negative.