Moving from the center of American politics (Washington D.C.) to literally the other side of the Earth has it’s advantages.  My barista doesn’t ask my political affiliation (or maliciously spike my coffee with sugar if I answer incorrectly).  I can be blissfully unaware that inability of two-party system to compromise is driving us into potential economic default until the uncertainty slams the brakes on all transactions I’m working on, and I’m forced to eduate myself as to why 3 deals disappeared in a week.  (Turns out, the potential default of the world economic power has a skittish effect on U.S. and global capital markets).

It has it’s obvious downsides too.  Friends look to us to explain U.S. politcal drama, bizzare political personalities, U.S. foreign policy…   We often find ourselves trying to explain the nuances of the political system Americans hold so dear to people who receive only highlights of stupid political ploys on the evening news, and are rarely able to engage in the same spirited debate that was a weekly occurance at happy hours or dinner parties in D.C.

While, at first, I attempted to keep up with U.S. news, I now find I know more about the carbon tax debate and national broadband proposal in Australia than I do about the Republican candidates for 2012!

So I am trying to tune back into American politics.  And hoping that “Washington” doesn’t create another GFC out of this debt ceiling mess.  Then this afternoon, reading one of my favorite columnists for the NYT, I stumbled across this gem from former Texas governor, Miriam “Ma” Ferguson:

If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for us.”

Do you think if I asked nicely they’d let me stay in Australia???