This weekend, I dedicated myself to some long-over due jewelry making.  It started with an early night at work on Thursday, leading to the blown-glass creation pictured below. Then late night on Friday, I finally finished my project from our trip in March to Freycinet Park, Tasmania, and strung up my purple seashells.  And the trifecta:  on Saturday, after a few hours at the bead and gem stores on Smith St., Fitzroy, we settled in for a night of movie watching and beading! (well, I played with beads; Steve concentrated on movie watching…)

We watched 4 movies, so I guess that means I beaded for around 7-8 hours.  I’m feeling creatively-spent, but at least I have some pretty things to show for it…

blown-glass beads with swarovski crystals

I found these gorgeous blown-glass pieces at a bead store that was going out of business, and scored the lot for about $5.  Pair with leftover swarovski’s and viola, a shimmering adornment!

turquoise and red coral lariat

The necklace is doubled up here in the center to fit in the frame.  It’s a long drapey necklace, with a flexible swing but rigid and defined turquoise collar.  I’ve been meaning to do something in this color family for awhile, and I totally love it.  I think it will be perfect with the traditional Melbourne fashion – all black.  Brighten things up a bit!

carnelian drop necklace

for $10, I signed up for a VIP membership at this gem and semi-precious stone store on Smith St, Fitzroy.  Which was so worth it, as it gave me 50% off right away on these beauties – teardrop carnelian. Don’t they look like little dinosaur eggs?


black and white twist-up

This one is a collaborative effort.  The beads on the left were left-over from one of the only custom jobs I’ve done, for a friend of my good friend Lisa.  After I finished the commissioned piece, I had some extra of the swirly marbled beads, so I kept them until a new idea struck me.  A few months ago, a woman riding the tram had a twisted necklace like this, and I loved how simple yet elegant it looked.  So when I found these black lava beads this weekend, I knew just what to do!

purple shells from the clear waters of Tasmania

Handpicked for me by my loving husband when we were at Wineglass Bay in March, then painstakingly hand-drilled to make suitable for a necklace.  Its like my own personal piece of the sea.  Love it.

painted glass beads with rose quartz

I dig the contrast of the diamond white and black glass swirls, painted with delicate little pink roses.  I had a bunch of rose quartz already in my inventory, so I thought these were perfect to pair something new with something old.