Dogs for one.  Unless you are starving and can find no other form of sustenance, you should not eat dog.  Goat, turns out, is another one.  At least when I cook it.

We purchased a small goat shoulder from Prahan market on a whim.

Steve’s whim to be correct, as he was feeling adventurous and, I think, wanting to challenge his wife’s cooking skills.  After doing some reading into how exactly one cooks goat shoulder, and ruling out the most popular methods (since Steve hates curry and all forms of Indian food), I settled on a simple roast with spiced rice.

Complete failure.  Steve browned the shoulder and vegetables, and we roasted the goat for 2.5 hours, crusted with sea salt and fresh herbs (tarragon and rosemary) and swimming atop a chicken broth and white wine basting sauce brimming with leeks, carrots, onion and garlic.

We made $15 sundried tomato flavored rice we’d also purchased at the market, which was so bland I had to add half a bottle of Nando’s roasted tomato sauce and additional sliced sundried tomatoes to even make it edible.  Mixed with goat, served with roasted carrots on the side, and 15 minutes later we were both shoving the concoction around our plates and into the far corners, thinking we’d better just stick to beef next time.

An hour later, still hungry, we made quesadillas.  That at least is something I know I can master….