A bit belated, tales of our trip to the desert outback are finally here!

With a triple-whammy of holidays (Easter Friday, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day), we took off for Alice Springs for a 5-day adventure in the Red Centre of Australia.

Our 5-day itinerary was to drive through the desert outback to Uluru – Australia’s most famous rock aka monolith, then to Kings Canyon for a famed sunrise hike, and northward to the West MacDonnell Ranges before looping back to Alice Springs and heading back to the big city. We saw lots of camels and endured swarms of flies… blistered in the midday sun and cooked delicious campfire meals and admired the clear starry skies by night … and snapped endless pictures of eerie white trees–the ghost gums.

Read all about our adventure here.  As always, our pictorially narrated story is on the out and about page; more esoteric (read:  nature) pictures under photos.

Needless to say, our long weekend entailed some beautiful landscapes and challenging hiking.  It also ended with a foolhardy rockclimbing jaunt, ambulance ride, and mild concussion and broken foot for Steve. 

 (seriously, it’s quite a tale.  Click on that link above!)