Big news all – we’re packing our bags and coming home! (no, not really.  But I can be the first to say I gotcha on April Fool’s Day!) 

But, after reading the Australian Travellers Top 100 Things to do Before you Die, I’m tempted to declare “Mission Accomplished”.  After all, if Bush can declare mission accomplished after a few days (out of 8 years and counting…) in Iraq, one should be able to make such a declaration upon the completion of nearly 10% of all things Aussie to be done in a lifetime. 

Here’s the things on the list we’ve already done:

04 Walk Australia’s most beautiful beach at Wineglass Bay

18 Take the Manly Ferry

23 Explore Sydney’s Beaches


35 See the little penguins on Phillip Island

36 Dive the Great Barrier Reef

70 See something big at the MCG (2010 footy semi-finals seems to qualify)

71 Be the first in Australia to see the sunrise (from the eastern most point of Nortern Queensland, check!)

79 Trawl Melbourne’s laneways

93 Grab a seat at the Australian Open

95 See where the rainforest meets the sea in Daintree

And here’s the things on the list we plan to do:

11 Drive the Great Ocean Road

12 Hike the Overland Track to Cradle Mountain (at least in part…)

14 Sail the Whitsundays

26 Complete the Uluru base walk

37 See Tassie devils in the wild

45 Marvel at the wildlife on Kangaroo Island

49 Climb Mt. Kosciuzsko

55 Visit Europe without a passport in the Barossa  Valley

60 See in the New Year on Sydney Harbour

69 Go to the Melbourne Cup