I know you’re out there. I know that you’re reading this blog (at least a few of you, at least occasionally). How do I know this? The blog tells me when you’re reading it. For example, we’ve had over 100 views on the latest post (and related photo pages), including two consecutive days of all-time high views of the blog.

So here’s the thing. Yes, I may be sending these cyber-ramblings out into the great world wide web for the sheer fun of it. But I also do it to regale you with my witty stories from Down Under. And to share pictures of all the beautiful things we are seeing and experiencing. And to stay connected. (that one’s probably the most important).

So, when you don’t gimme some comment love, you’re basically getting a free pass. You get to read my witty posts and view my phototastic pages, and you don’t have to give anything in return.  There’s no connection made.   How many comments did I have on the latest post?  One (thanks dad!).  

These posts don’t write themselves people; this blog takes work!  And getting your comments makes the work worth it, and inspires me to keep writing (to try and impress you further and get more comment love). 

Here’s a few things you could try to increase your blog-reciprocity:

  • Sign up an email alert. See that little button to the left that says “Sign me up!” Go ahead, click it! Then, when there is a new post, you can check it out at your leisure. Or immediately. Comment with whatever random 5 words come into your head after reading the new post. (try to avoid profanities in the public sphere; extra points for cohesion and grammatical correctness).
  • Integrate me into your weblife generally. Set up an RSS feed.  This one’s as easy as a click too – see that little orange and green button in the upper lefthand corner that says “subscribe to feed”? It’s a bit more complicated than an email alert though, and makes more sense if you regularly check a number of blogs.  Read about RSS feeds here.
  • Make a habit out of it. For you lawyers, make it a routine to check into An American in Australia on those boring, I mean pointless.. uhhh, I mean “long” conference calls. I know you’re probably playing brick-breaker or checking CNN anyways.  There’s 2-3 hours a day that you could be logging both billable hours and friend credit. That’s what I call multi-tasking.
  • Have your Sunday morning coffee with Oz. I pretty much always post something on (our) Sunday night, especially if we actually did something fun on the weekend. That means you can read all about it over coffee on Sunday am U.S. time. Once the caffeine kicks in, your jittery fingers should just take over. Place on keyboard, and GO!