It’s sunny and bright today, after 2 days of rain brought on by the tail-end of Cyclone Yasi percolating down south as it moved over the continent. From a high of 39ºC earlier this week, it’s down to about 19 (high-60s), with classic Melbourne winds.

And, although not anywhere close to the devastation experienced by Tully and Innisfail in Queensland by the land-fall of the cyclone, Melbourne was not without the weird weather after-effects, including hailstones as big as a fist and serious flash flooding as torrential rains started on Friday night.  Luckily, we managed to escape the waters and nothing (other than some waterlogged plants and a drenched dachshund) in our house was affected.

Which is pretty amazing, as some seriously severe rains did fall, as attested by this guy kayaking down our street. Yes, that spot he’s paddling at is the corner of Abinger and Hosier Lane. Which is 25 feet from our house. So yeah, all and all, pretty amazing. Now let’s just hope there’s something left of Port Douglas for some decent vacationing next week!