Today was a perfect day.

First, we woke up to sun streaming into our bedroom.  As you may have heard, most of southern Queensland was under 6-8 feet of water this week from rampant floods, and La Nina also brought gray rainy days to much of the East Coast.  So after 6 days of rain, the warm sun was much appreciated and just in time for the weekend.  We took Bentley on a long walk and basked in the sun with a few lattes.

Then, it was off to N. Melbourne to bring home my newest love and visit Queen Victoria Market along the way.  Buying heaps of fresh produce is always one of my favorite Saturday activities, but this market trip was made all the more perfect by the discovery of something I’ve been searching high and low for since we arrived – black beans!  I thanked the man profusely, to which he said, “ya, you can’t get those anywhere in the city, eh?”  Eh indeed. In a city lacking authentic (i.e., West Coast U.S.) Mexican, I am a more than able cook now that I’ve found the most crucial ingredient!   

At home, my new beauty was torn apart, tuned up, then put back together.

Side note: the man who serviced her did a lovely job and made her sound even more rich and beautiful, but was totally off his rocker.  Topics of conversation while he tuned included the history of German pianos, Australian aboriginals, the move to a world government, his uncle’s funeral, blood alignment and homeopathic medicine, the use of “climate change” by the government to stick the man for carbon emissions, and his hatred for George W. Bush (which may have redeemed him and proved he was sane, just a bit off key).

We lounged in the heat for the rest of the afternoon, and I tested out the new ivories.  Serious perfection.